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✅ Purpose: Teaching children regardless of the rich, the poor with friends.

✅ Video with Content: Poor green chibi, red chibi and yellow house more chibi always despise and hate green chibi. Blue Chibi came to class, sarcasm that you smelled stinking and then said blue chibi is a girl, then tried to tease the bag of green chibi is teasing. Luckily the teacher stepped in, everyone had to return to their positions to start the lesson. When school was finished, the blue chibi was blocked by yellow and red chibi, snatched the bag and dumped everything in the bag to the ground, pushed the green chibi down and ran away. A passing girl ran to catch the green chibi. Weekends are the birthday of the red chibi, surprisingly the red chibi invited green chibi to the party. Blue chibi was afraid because she didn't have nice clothes, she wasn't about to come but the red chibi suddenly said it was okay, saying that green chibi doesn't need to pay attention to the problem, sorry for criticizing blue chibi. Blue chibi is very happy, eager to attend his friend's birthday. But that's all the chibi's display to mock the green chibi at the party. Everyone dresses glitter, only the green chibi is ugly. Everyone turned and laughed at the green chibi. Blue chibi too embarrassed, ran away. Red chibi happily laughed. The next day, on the way back from the shopping, the red chibi finished drinking the bottle of water and went to the garbage dump to meet the green chibi searching for scrap materials there. Red chibi threw a bottle of water at the top of the green chibi, blue chibi immediately walked away, not wanting the couple to contract. Red chibi jokingly chased. Accidentally chasing after running into two rich chibi friends, wearing colorful dresses. Those two were annoyed because the expensive dress was dirty. Red chibi loudly likes it and will give a new dress. The other two were richer than the red chibi, and were more overbearing than the red chibi, decrying that the red chibi was a countryman, unable to afford an expensive dress for them. Annoyed by the arrogance of the red chibi, the two of them rushed in, grabbed the new shopping bag from the red chibi, dumped all the clothes in the ground, and stepped on it. The red chibi was held tight, struggling and screaming. Blue chibi immediately stood out and rescued the red chibi. After the red chibi was saved, the green chibi also turned around. The next morning, the red chibi went to class and apologized to the blue chibi and said he thought deeply about his previous practice of distinguishing rich and poor from red chibi. Red chibi promises to play happily and get along with the green chibi. #NuHoangCan

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