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✅ Video with Content: Young mothers have to be hospitalized to give birth because complicated births are dangerous to their mothers' lives. The doctor promptly saved the lives of three children. 30 years later. At the son's family. My son came home from work and had not seen any food so he shouted at his mother. The mother is now very old and weak, she wears clothes but is broken and scolded by her son, and then calls the youngest sister to come and pick her up. The mother was crying tears. When she was at the youngest sister's house, her house sold food at the inn. When her mother brought things to guests, the guests left because the old lady did not look clean and smelled terrible. The youngest daughter also scolded her mother and then called her brother to pick up the mother. The mother heard and sad. She left. Some time later, she went to pick up the bottles and find food in the garbage. When she remembered about her children, she could not help but to see the pictures of her mother and father before. When the son's family went out, he saw a man of his age who took his mother's hand and cared for his mother. The son remembered how he shouted at his mother, so he shed tears and called his mother. As for the youngest daughter, while watching movies with her daughter. The drama is about mother-daughter affection and also has a scene where her daughter is not treated well with her mother so her daughter is very annoyed and tells her that she hates that girl because she treated her mother. nothing. The youngest daughter was heartbroken when she thought about how she scolded her mother, looked up at the wall and hung the picture of her mother and baby when she was young, she was in tears. Eventually, both of her children went to look for her and cried, acknowledged their mother's fault and took her home. #NuHoangCan

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