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# Lesson about the honesty of a Chibi doll

✅ Video with Content: When I woke up in the morning, #chibidoll found himself sleeping on the table, the homework had not been done yet. When chibi's mother came in and asked, she said that she had finished her work. Her mother encourages her to study hard, so at the end of the week she will take her to an amusement park. She was extremely interested. On the way to school, blue chibi is also very worried because he hasn't done his homework, afraid that the teacher will punish him. Because of being absent-minded, the blue chibi bumped into a pink chibi friend who was collecting garbage nearby. Green chibi not only did not apologize but also irritated, kicked the garbage bag around and left. That day, before school ended, the teacher returned the 0-point assignment notebook for not having done the homework for the green chibi and asked for a parent's signature to get there. As the teacher left, the annoyed blue chibi kicked his foot into the table, causing the purple chibi's pencil on the table to break in half. Purple chibi from outside came in to see that, looking around the class only the yellow chibi at the end of the class and the blue chibi stood right there. When Chibi purple asked, he pretended not to know and then left. On the way back to the trash dump in the morning, the green chibi hesitated for a while and then decided to throw away a zero-point notebook for non-tang. After the blue chibi left, the pink chibi picked up the trash and saw the discarded notebook. Arriving home, the chibi mother is sweeping the yard. The chibi mother asked chibi about the grade in the classroom, the little girl pretended that the teacher didn't have a score today and was going to go inside. At that moment, purple chibi and yellow chibi arrived. The yellow chibi talked about how the blue chibi broke his pencil without accepting it. The green chibi still tried to argue that he didn't know, so the yellow chibi came forward to say the reason because the blue chibi got annoyed with 0 points and kicked his foot on the table, the new pencil fell down and broke in two. It always revealed that she got 0 points, the green chibi was faltering. She didn't know how, the pink chibi picked up the trash and brought the notebook because she thought the green chibi had thrown it wrong. Everything is clear, chibi committed a lot of errors, was so hidden, refused to apologize. Her mother was very angry, punished her not to go on weekends and cut her pocket money that month. #Chibi doesn't apologize to his mother and friends. #NuHoangCan

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