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In the previous episode, Mother Gothel witch Elsa turned back in the tower in a wet form. She was extremely angry and determined to take revenge. She used a magic ball and saw the prince having fun with Elsa and learned that tomorrow they would be walking on the beach. treat Elsa.
The witch Jafar turns out a snake, scaring the prince's horse and knocking the prince to the ground. Jafar the witch comes and disappears from the prince leaving a prince's boots and pretending to be the prince's voice calling Elsa. Elsa went down to the yard and looked for the prince but couldn't find it. She kicked the prince's boots, which was still on the ground, and continued to search for him. She went into the forest and suddenly saw the sword dropped from above and Elsa thought that the prince was trying to create something for Elsa. She continued on to the beach and saw a letter on the rock. Elsa picked it up and it turned out to be a letter that the witch left with the content that Elsa would never be able to see the prince forever. Elsa suspects Ursula and uses the power Elsa Zaki to summon Ursula. Ursula, who was sleeping, was swept upwards by the tornado to meet Elsa. Elsa asks Ursula about the prince but Ursula doesn't know and says only witch Mother Gothel did this. Elsa asks about Mother Gothel's witch hideout. Ursula told Elsa, but before she could finish, Elsa went away. Elsa goes to the search tower but there is no witch Mother Gothel there. Elsa continued to go to the cave. There, Elsa was tricked by two witches Mother Gothel and witch Jafar, creating a fake prince in order for Elsa to hand over the crown to Mother Gothel. But shortly after, Elsa gave the crown, the Witch went out of the cave and chanted a spell to let the cave door have an invisible illusion that Elsa could not get out of. Elsa cannot use power in this powerful cave because it is lazy that only witches can use the magic in the cave. Elsa continued to explore the cave to find another way out. At that moment, she found the prince who was trapped and locked in a large water tank. He tried to escape but exhausted and sank. Elsa tried to use her power to save the prince but failed. She climbed to the surface and jumped in to save the prince but failed. She decided to die with the prince. In the end, Elsa was exhausted and fortunately, Ursula came and promptly rescued the prince and Elsa. Elsa returned to the palace. At this moment, the witch was here and sitting on the throne with a delighted laugh. Princess Anna came and risked a fight with the witch but could not and was covered by a witch tied to a rope around her. Elsa returns and uses the witch's handcuffs when she is sitting on the throne and sends the soldiers to escort her into the dungeon. When the soldiers took the witch out of the palace yard, the witch suddenly disappeared without understanding why. The soldiers ran in and told Elsa, but Elsa only needed to care that the prince, Anna and the people of the kingdom were not in danger. Elsa spared her this time.

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