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✅ The lesson please respect others Halloween dolls - Respect for others B1455E ❤️ Nu Hoang Can

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In the classroom, no lights on so dark. #Chibi pink entered the classroom and was frightened by the red Chibi holding a flashlight and scaring her pink Chibi. Pink Chibi panicked and screamed. At the same time, the green and yellow Chibi friends also entered the classroom with the ghostly appearance of the # Halloween festival. . Everyone expected to be startled because of her ghostly appearance. The class burst out laughing when Chibi hunched into the classroom. The whole class started to say sarcasm and teasing her because of her ugly appearance. The classmates thought of a naughty trick to keep Chibi friend hunched over to make Chibi red paint lipstick on ugly makeup for her. Hunchbacked chibi is poor. She swung her hand out and ran away. When the class was over, the friends left, and Red Chibi went home and fell asleep. She dreamed, and in her dream, she found herself hunched and also teased by the other girls just as she teased her hunched chibi on Halloween. The red chibi screamed, the red Chibi mother called him up and he woke up. The next day after school, Chibi met Chibi and apologized and said that he would play together happily. #GirlsClose


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