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#Wedding Princess Anna Day #Halloween - B1456E ❤️ #GirlsClose Up ❤️

✅ Video with Content: In the room, Anna was stroking her hair, humming. Footsteps approached Anna and a creepy call came. Anna turned around. A shrill scream, Kristoff in mummy form fell to the ground. Kristoff tried to scare Anna but didn't expect Anna to dress up as a vampire and scare him. Elsa entered the room, excited that the Halloween festival had arrived. Anna hugged her sister happily. All of these images were captured in the magic mirror of Mother Mother Gothel. She smiled sinister. In the main hall of the palace building, Elsa is standing by to guide people to decorate Halloween. Anna walked in happily. Elsa asked Anna to stay and review, then returned to dress, preparing to welcome everyone to the holidays. When Anna was alone, there was a sound of footsteps approaching. Anna turned around, saw a mummy, she thought it was Kristoff so she did not take precautions. But unexpectedly, the mummy knocked Anna out and took him away. Everyone has come full. Elsa is also dressed up as a ghost bride, everyone is waiting for Kristoff and Anna to be full. Suddenly, Kristoff rushed over and said he couldn't find Anna anywhere. Elsa uses her magic to find Anna was taken away by a mummy, but that person is not Kristoff. Snow White is soundless. A tombstone decorated in the palace suddenly appeared with the words in blood: "Goodbye Anna". Knowing it was the witchcraft's evil, Elsa angrily summoned the witch and asked. Neither Jafar, Icy, Ursulla knew anything. So the one who took Anna away was Mother Gothel. Elsa arrives at Mother Gothel's hideout. She seems to have prepared herself and is waiting for Elsa to come. Elsa broke into her house to find Anna tied up, surrounded by dried wood. The witch demands that Elsa hand over the kingdom to her. Elsa does not agree, and intends to attack her but the shifty witch threatens to burn Anna. Elsa begged her not to hurt her sister. The witch was gloating, Elsa quickly launched magic, but unfortunately, the witch discovered and immediately, she set fire to Anna. Elsa carelessly, even the witch attacked, fell to the ground. The witch is happy and says this will be the end of the two sisters Elsa. At the same time, the mermaid Ariel entered. Elsa asks Ariel to save Anna and she rushes into the witch, the two disappear. Ariel quickly put out the fire to save Anna. Elsa and the witch disappeared out of the house and fought fiercely. Elsa won and swept the witch back like a mummy. She then turned her to the ground and a tombstone with the name of the witch was erected. Everything has been resolved, everyone returns to the palace and celebrates Halloween. #GirlsClose


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