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#Are her grandmother - Teach her to appreciate simple things - Chibi B1457G C Nearly Queen ❤️

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   On the weekends, #chibi was picked up by Dad to go home to play with her. When I got up the next morning, I went out to see my friends playing "Quan quan" but chibi didn't like it and came in and took my computer to play games and watch movies. She saw this and asked and chibi said, "Now just having a computer and a phone has the world at hand, there's no need to play those old-fashioned tricks anymore." She recounted her childhood to chibi, when technology was not yet developed.
She went cowherd, her friends invited her to play pool shooting, she left the cow behind. As a result, she won a lot of marbles but when she came back, the cows could not see them. She cried home crying because she was afraid of her mother beating but who doubted, she came out and took the cows home. On another day, she played jumping rope outside the village communal house. When she was tired and thirsty, she and her friends invited each other to sneak away and steal the neighbors' fruit, were bitten by a dog, she fell down and rubbed her face and face. One day, my mother told me to stay at home and look for the rice that was drying, if it rains then collect it. She left there, and her friends went out to the house to play blindfolded to catch goats. At play, she quickly grabbed her mother in search of her. At home she was beaten by her mother.
Chibi found it very interesting about his grandmother's intense childhood. She closed the computer and went out to play with her friends with her wishes, her childhood was as fun and meaningful as her grandmother.


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