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In the military training site, the teacher blew her whistle and found her missing # Chibivang. A moment later, at the gate of the military district, a car arrived, the yellow Chibi came down and greeted his parents and walked into the school. Yellow Chibi was late and was fined to sweep the school yard. While being scanned, he was teased by the Chibi friends, and the whistle sounded. You guys gather at the yard to jog around the yard. But you chibi the weakest physical strength. Running around is tired. and the teacher said she would train even better physical strength for the yellow Chibi. At the time for lunch, Chibi and his friends ate rice and yellow Chibi when looking at the food, they said they could not eat. She remembers being led by her parents to the KFC and given good food. When she stopped thinking, the food would run out. She was hungry and by the time she took a nap, she had sneaked out to eat, it was time for afternoon practice, when the teacher took attendance, she was not present. She was fined for climbing and climbing the fence 4 times. The next day, when everyone was sweeping the yard, frustrated by the yellow Chibi, she left and the teacher found her in the flower garden. The teacher asked her to return to the platoon. In the evening, she and her classmates and the teacher in the hall room watched TV and watched documentaries, learned about how hard it was for the soldiers to have an independent, united background like Today, she realized that she was wrong and promised to obey all military regulations and train herself from now on.

Song in videos:
0:00 military bugle royal salute call
0:09 insurgence
0:27 give it a whirl
0:59 insurgence
1:19 jaunty jig
1:42 tiddlywinks alt mix
1:53 man about town
3:45 jaunty jig
3:54 not quite a time step
4:26 a toon for yoo
5:17 military bugle charge call
5:20 military bugle fall in call
5:26 Walk in the Valley
5:54 gnomes dance
6:11 rejoice for christmas
6:36 peek a boo
6:57 last tango in primrose hill
7:17 advert pop music
7:33 hardly working
8:24 national spirit
8:35 dramatic big sky bridge
8:50 proud military service
9:06 acoustic loop 10


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