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#Vietnam's Second Day - The second mother of the red #Chibi ❤️ Near Queen ❤️

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The story is about teacher Chi and #chibi red. When I was young, my red chibi was very poor. That's why you often get bullied. One day, the red chii was being cried by his friends to see his teacher Chi on the way to work. From afar she spoke. Those students were too scared to leave. She helped chibi red pick up supplies. The red chibi's food got all dirty, she also gave her sticky rice to the chibi. After school that day, chibi was cramped by his friends because he thought chibi told his teacher about being bullied by them. Once again, teacher Chi appeared again, relieving the chibi. Intimidated by her friends, when Ms. Chi asked, chibi did not dare to speak and even bluntly refused her help. Going nearly a week, teacher Chi did not see the red chibi going to school and asked the classmates. The kids said maybe the chibi family ran out of money for the chibi to go to school, so they had to quit school. Ms. Chi on her way home was very worried about the red chibi. At that moment, he caught a red chibi collecting rubbish. Red Chibi confided to her about her situation. Chi has promised to help the red chibi to continue going to school.
20 years on, Chi is old and retired. And the red chibi has become a successful businessman. Red Chibi did not forget the gratitude of the teacher who helped her and returned on the occasion of November 20, asking to take care of her and repay that love.

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