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# Toy dolls - # Teach kids to work hard, strive for success B1458F ❤️ Near Queen ❤️

- The message conveyed: Educating children about things achieved by their own efforts and efforts is the value of their own and always sustainable.

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The story is about two friends #chibi red and #chibixanh. #Chibi red from childhood, whatever they want, they depend on their parents. If she wants to choose a class, her mother will ask her to ask the principal. Blue chibi must try hard to study to be able to pass the entrance exam. Then after 20 years, chibi became red because of his mother's acquaintance and came to apply for a job at a company. Green Chibi also went there to apply for a job. Red Chibi has mocked green chibi without knowing it, he will never be able to work in the company. But unexpectedly, the green chibi was accepted into the company and was also allowed to work in the same room as the red chibi. The position of company sales staff only needs 1 person, so to choose one person for the official staff position, the two of you are assigned by the superior to sign a contract with Hoa Mai Company - a partner company. . If anyone signs up, he will come to the Deputy Manager, and the other person will have to resign. Chibi was red once again, thanks to his parents' acquaintance to be able to contact him for a contract. Blue chibi, with his own efforts, every day comes to Hoa Mai company to ask the director to present the contract. The director of the company was re-told by the secretary about the efforts of green chibi. One day, the director of Hoa Mai company called both red and blue chibi to come up with the signing result. Red chibi is very confident because of the acquaintance. They came before the company together. Red chibi went ahead and bumped into an uncle. The red chibi didn't apologize but was annoyed. Blue Chibi hurried to help him pick up his bag. And very surprisingly, that uncle is the director of Hoa Mai Company. He decided to sign a contract with green chibi.
Green chibi is an official employee, and red chibi has to leave the company.


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