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Chibi was bought by the mother for a tiny police suit. She liked it immediately and went out to the neighborhood. There was a kid who played patch and a bike friend bumped into each other, chibi then decided right and wrong. With her pregnant belly carrying a penchant, chibi immediately helped out. Everybody praised the good chibi. Chibi continued excitedly patrolling the neighborhood. She caught a young man walking. She thought he was in trouble and asked for help. Chibi almost, he startled. Seeing the small chibi, he started to kidnap, Pretending to not find the way, the young man asked for chibi to help. The police chibi agrees and leads him away. Taking advantage of the quiet neighborhood, he grabbed a bag of chibi and pulled it away. At that time, the police patrol the neighborhood discovered and rescued chibi. The young man fled and was captured by two other police officers at the battle.

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