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Affection # family - Two #em #em must give way to each other B1459F ❤️Girlfriend ❤️

- #Chibi green and orange chibi are sisters. The two girls scrambled all day long and didn't yield to each other at all. The two sisters came home from school and their mother bought juice to have it on the table. Both are fighting for one. Painting over and over again, the bottle of juice fell, water poured all over the floor. Mother came up to scold her and told the sisters to clean. The two sisters continued to push each other. Chibi I told her to wipe and was about to run away, but went into the water that spilled onto the floor and slipped. Chibi I cried loudly, my chibi stood laughing and laughing. And the mother scolded the two sisters for a match.
Another day, after lunch, the two sisters went to bed. Everyone wants to hug the teddy bear to sleep. Two sisters vie with each other fiercely. the mother confiscated the teddy bear too. When it was time to go to bed, the younger brother swaddled the blanket in to prevent her from lying. The sister recoiled the blanket. The sisters continued to pull back and forth, and then they fell to the ground.
The other day, the two sisters came home from school and stopped to buy food. Only money to buy a package, so the two of them scrambled again. Learning to chase each other close to home, I found two chibi sisters giving each other a piece of cake, Both did not say anything, quietly went home. Then all of a sudden, the two brought out the toys and gave each other. My chibi told me, my chibi told me. The two shared the food just now and had fun.

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