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#Crocodile helps to assemble # Dinosaurs - animals - toys # toys J219U #ToyTV Baby toys videos combined with fun melody songs help children learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and more! Video content: # The long-necked blue flying dinosaur lost its wings when it fell down to the spot where the other two dinosaurs lost their wings. A wide mouth crocodile comes to talk to and finds wings for the dinosaurs. On the way to find, crocodile found 2 dinosaur eggs and 2 flying eggs. Crocodile holds 2 eggs, opens 2 eggs, which are 2 round balls, then 2 marbles turn into 2 wings. Crocodile brings about fitting in 2 different dinosaurs' bodies and continues to look for the remaining wings. Crocodile continues to meet a three-horned dinosaur is naughty 1 wings. Crocodile came to tell about the wings that he was looking for and then took the wings to bring the complete assembly of wings for a flying dinosaur friend. You fly after being fitted wings, then fly to the sky and find a wing. After that, a dog sniffed at the ground to get a wing, and the dog barked. You dinosaurs are flying in the sky to see and fly down to bring the rest of the wings back to assemble for 2 of you dinosaurs.


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