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Funny dinosaur help carp - Toy animal F890G ToyTV Baby toys videos combined with fun melody songs help children learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and more!


Song in the video:

00:01 Finger Family Colors

00:41 Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes

01:42 cajun-country

02:28 polka-ditz

03:12 Funny Cartoon

04:20 at-the-recital

04:40 chicken-coop-follies


Video content: Three red, orange and green carp are swimming in the lake, when the yellow alligator appears, chasing the carp. Carp panicked and fled away. The blue dinosaur went to the swimming pool, saw the crocodile, and covered the dinosaur with a net. Dinosaurs flickering, but could not escape. Then the crocodile left, three carp, to rescue the dinosaurs. The dinosaur thanked the carp and hurried ashore. Crocodiles know carp rescued dinosaurs, so extremely angry, use the power to turn the carp away. Dinosaurs go looking for carp and bring back water pots. Then the dinosaurs thought of a way to lure the crocodile away, to bring the carp back to the lake safely.


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